In our organization I need to install a new Netware file/application server.
Since we have plenty of Netware 6 user licenses I need to install netware 6.0 on the new server. Unfortunately I cannot upgrade to 6.5
Our current Netware 6.0 server is 3 years old and getting out of disk space. We decided to add an additional netware 6.0 server in stead of upgrading the disks in the old server. This way we can balance applications / files on the 2 servers.

The new server will be a HP Proliant ML370G5 with 2 or 4GB RAM and 5x 72GB or 146GB SCSI drives in raid5. Will Netware 6.0 run on this 'new hardware'? I managed to install netware 6.0 on a ML350G4 in the past but I have doubts I'll get away with it this time. Is it advisable to go for U320 SCSI opposed to the newer SAS? (controller compatibility?)
What do you guys think? any recommendations?

On a side note, are there any benefits of installing 4GB of memory (currently 2GB). Or is 2GB for a netware 6 server functioning purely as file server for approx. 200 users sufficient?

Many thanks in advance,