After PM got screwed again - I decided to remove the server that was running
the service from the zone thinking that would clear and clean up the ZPM
bundles. It did not. So I tried to delete them from ZCC and it comes back
with errors saying all of these are SERVER objects and it will not delete

Anybody got ideas how I can clean this up. I'd like to move forward without
PM on our system as we have ran into major problems with this without
rebuilding my zone for the 5th time. I HAVE to get Vista installed and
because Zen 7 will not support it and ZCM really isn't ready for
production - I'm truly stuck in the wind here....for lack of the proper

Thankfully some departments are backing out of Vista deployment and that
plus the fact that we have not fully migrated to AD yet may be ZCM's saving
grace until a patch can fix the issues we are having. The bosses have now
given me till July (Novell contract runs up). They have decided to shift
focus from me developing ZCM to getting the campus fully migrated off of
Netware into AD whether I have management utilities or not, so that should
we need to drop Zenworks in July we can do so.