I installed Desktop management on a server that I recently migrated to new
hardware. The old server was NW65.sp2. The new server is NW6.5sp5. ZDM 3x,
and then ZDM7sp1 were present on the old server, but not functional. That
was before my watch.

I can see the ZENWorks Inventory Service running and reportedly
successfully storing inventory records. But when I run a Workstation
inventory Query, all of the records are from 2005. I think these are from
way-back-when ZDM was first installed.

When I did the middle tier server install on this server I did tell the
installer to discard the old records. This apparently did not happen.
Console1 accepts the database connection. It says "Database Configured".
However, all of the records are old. It looks like new records are not
being stored, or may not be accessed by a query from Console1.

Any suggestions?