Hello all,

We're running Zen 7.0. One NetWare 6.5 SP5 server. I'm planning on cleaning up the tree a bit and actually getting around to patching Zen up to SP1 R2. I've run into a some issues with the current setup which I'd like some clarification on or suggestions.

First, workstation imports seem to be iffy at best. We have the Zen client deployed on most of our machines, but not all of the machines seem to import correctly. The hosts file does have the proper entry for the zwsimport server. Does anyone have an tips of proper delployment so all workstation import properly?

Second, remote management seems to work only sometimes. I've had it working perfectly at one point, but now it doesn't seem to ever want to connect to any machines via console1. Any ideas what might be causing that?

Third, configuring applications with workstation associations is spotty at best. Rarely does it seem to work, which leads back to my first issue where I'm not confident workstations are importing correctly. I only seem to have consistent success with user associations.

Finally, in the various policies you have a few OS options. You have a section that has the various NT based Win32 Operating systems all together, and then you have various sections which are seperated into the specific versions of the operating systems(XP, 2000, NT). I'm assuming that the separate operating system version tabs(such as XP) over ride the "all NT based Windows" tab?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to get better control of our 800+ workstations and be able to use dynamic user accounts on the local workstations instead of our generic local workstation user name which doesn't help from a security or auditing standpoint.