Here's my situation:

We don't use NMAS. User Support is supposed to uncheck NMAS and NICI options during client installs. I've since discovered that a couple of the techs were unchecking NMAS, but not NICI.

I'm setting up automatic client upgrade. When upgrading a client that was installed as instructed, everything works great. HOWEVER...I found out this morning that upgrading a client with NICI installed causes a ccsw32.dll error starting GroupWise.

Because I have no idea how many workstations out there are set up incorrectly (by our standard), is there any way, without Zen, to find out what version of the client the workstations are running before I unleash my ACU and break all sorts of stuff? Any utility, free of course, available? Anything??

NW6sp5, NW6.5sp6, OES2 environment.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.