We recently switched a server from NW 6.5 SP5 NDPS/iPrint to OES2 linux
iPrint. I did not migrate any printers(there are only 4), I created
all the printers from scratch. I installed the same drivers that were
on the Netware server. These are all HP 4650 and 4250 printers. The
output of anyone printing to these printers is cutoff on the last page.
I have tried both PCL5e and PCL6 drivers and neither work (the PCL6
drivers actually generate an extra page or two of garbage characters).
I have set the printers to be both direct and non-direct iPrint
printers with no difference in the results. On the old Netware server,
we used PCL5 drivers with no problems. If I create a local TCP/IP
printer and connect it to one of the 4250 printers, it prints fine with
either the PCL5 or PCL6 driver. Has anyone seen this after moving to
OES2 iPrint? Is there a setting I need to change? These are all
Windows XP SP2 machines with at least the 4.28 iPrint client.