Ok..still not out the woods..My first success was short lived
zen server and pxe client are on different subnets
I was mutlicasting a small add-on image of 250Meg
At first, it would take 6 minutes with the zen server at 1000F
and the PXE client at 100F
When I forced the zensever to 100F (along with its accompanying port
on the router...the image came down in 1 minute ..yay!

so I try to extend my success to imaging a 10G base image
on top of the server=100Full/client=100Full configuration
It takes 75 minutes....way too long

What's frustrating is that Ghost server/client on top of the same
infrastructure is performing at 10G image in 30 minutes?

Any suggestions would be welcome
Also, Can anyone give me some baselines of performance?
I'm thinking I should be doing a 10 Gig image in 30 minutes across a
router ...given everything is working optimally

Kirk Fontaine
Dawson College, Montreal