I have a situation with a BorderManager/Linksys BEFVP41 VPN that was
functioning OK until the office moved, and I had to change the IP address
of the Linksys BEFVP41. I went into iManager 2.6 and changed the IP
address of the slave 3rd party BEFVP41 and modified the public address in
the BEFVP41 to the new address. The VPN will not come up now. I worked
with the SBC to insure the DSL/Router was properly setup at the new
location and they feel strongly that it is. I have been able to determine
that I can not ping the new IP address from the master location through
the BorderManager with filter UP or DOWN. I can however ping the new IP
address if I connect a workstation between the BorderManager and the
internet router. We are using BM3.8SP5
All the equipment involved is was functioning fine at the old location,
just the curcuit and configuration are all that has changed. Not sure
where to look next, though I feel certain the problem is somewhere in the
BM configuration. Would a VPNdump help?

Thanks now for any help?