I have a two-node cluster (NWC2-P1 and NWC2-P2) running NW65SP6 with
shared storage hosting a 2TB NSS volume (NWC2VOL1). Users are
complaining that when they try to write files to the volume they are
getting an "out of disk space" error. I can write to it just fine. When
I look for the volume object NWC2VOL1 in Console One (1.3.6h) I see it
appended to node 1 of the cluster (i.e., the volume object is named
"NWC2-P1_NWC2VOL1") but I can't 'open' it -- it behaves like a leaf
object. I believe the volume should be attached to the cluster resource
NWC2-C1 and I see that object but no volume associated with it.

How do I get this back the way it belongs?