Is there a way to reduce the timeout value that Client32 uses to connect
to NetWare servers?

I often receive complaints from mobile users, who forget to check the
"workstation only" checkbox, when they logon to their notebooks in remote

It's happened to me too when I was at the airport and wanted to quickly
check something on my laptop so I powered it up, entered my username and
password at the NetWare login prompt, and approximately 2 miliseconds
after hitting the Enter key, I realized I forgot to check "Workstation

I was in a rush so I just ended up power cycling the notebook. This is
quicker than waiting for the "unkwown tree or server name" message to come
up, which seems to take upwards of five minutes to display.

If I could reduce that timeout value to something more sane, like 5
seconds or so, it would go a long way towards reducing user complaints.
Any assistance would be appreciated.