I'm having a problem whereby we have built file Dist. packages and
scheduled them to run after-hours and they don't appear to run. The
start/stop times all look accurate, but when the time comes for the builds
to run, nothing happens.

Other odd behavior: the "Policy Package Distribution", the one the
installation notes walks you through building right after the installation
is complete, and runs every five minutes, stops at 4:00pm in the TED.LOG,
when we believe we have properly scheduled the "file" channel (a
completely separate channel object associated with the same distributor)
to open for business to allow the distributor to build the file package
and send it to the subscriber.

This is ZFS 3.0.2 with the latest patches installed on a NW65 server
patched out to SP6. Sorry for posting here. I wasn't sure if the other
forum was dead. If I have to move it, I will be happy to do so.