I've the following problem:

On a customer we have a VPN with master and 3 slaves. It worked fine in

Someday on 1 Slave the folowing messages startet:

Invalid payload length - HASH-PAYLOAD payload
IKEQMTimeoutHandler: Packet retransmit exceeded the limit! the SA
will be deleted.
The client xxxxx removed from vpninf

The problem only was temporarely at this time.

Today all 3 Slave servers have this problem and from time to time the
master server is "shooten" and restarting itself.

The Servers are NetWare6.5sp6 and BorderManager38sp5.

We already restartet servers and routers but the problem still occurs.

Additionaly we have this problem with 1 slave in our own VPN sinca a few
days. If we start vpn on slave the master crashes down and we'd to push
the reset button manualy.

Could anyone help me?