I am looking at creating two iPrint print servers in our environment for
handling printing tasks. I would like to make them cluster aware using NCS
so that if one server crashes that the iPrint resource would failover to
another NCS node. This part is easy and we have done it before. The issue
comes that this setup would require at least 2 servers per iPrint server to
be able to take a failure of 2 primary servers at any given time.

What I want to be able to do is only use two physical servers and make the 4
servers hosting/backup iPrint virtual servers and have NCS to deal with
software crashes to move the iPrint resource from one virtual server to

My question is if this idea is realistic or will cause problems? Is there a
different/better way of doing this that achieves the same end result?

In all I am happy with how NCS functions but we don't have the money to
throw at lots of hardware and we find that the majority of our server crash
issues are software related not hardware.