- running NW 6.5 SP1 migrated from previous NW 5
- still traditinal volumes
- 2 disks with the same partitioning
* 1GB DOS, partitions 0x18, 0x19
* 3GB SYS, partitions 0x23, 0x26
* 13GB DATA, partitions 0x30, 0x35
==> SYS and DATA mirrored: 0x23+0x26=mirror id 0x27 (hosting SYS), 0x30+0x35=mirror id 0x39 (hosting DATA)

- operation interruption due to power shutdown
- server starts, but volume SYS is not visible
- in nssmu the partitions are shown as follows
==> 0x23+0x26=0x27 hosting volume DATA (wrong)
==> 0x30+0x35=0x39 hosting volume DATA
- mirror status shows
* 0x27 not
* 0x39 full

- volume data mounted; data from 0x39
- mounting volume sys provides the error
"Some or all volume segments can not be located"

Any idea how to get back the sys volume?