Hello everyone,

We are looking into buying a new server to install ZCM 10 on. The
documentation states that the minimum processor used is Pentium IV 2.8 GHZ.

My current test server in my lab is a Dell 2650 with a Xeon 1.6 GHZ
processor and it appears to be working as expected but is not under stress
as it would be in production.

We need a server that could support approximately 3000 users without patch
management. We have seperate patchlink servers for that piece.

Knowing that you can pretty much only get servers with quad core
processors now, would a quad core 2.8 GHZ server with 4 GB of ram be
sufficient to do the job or would we need to step up the processor speed?

We do not want to go with the minimums or spend too much for a heavy duty
processor which the software cannot take much advantage of?

Any advice would be appreciated?

Thanks in advance