What the *&%*)=~!...I am reading the documentation on the "Installing and Configuring NSS on Linux" and in 3.2.2 point 1 says, "In the YaST install, on the Installation Settings page...(where is that?) I am lost already. Can someone give me some help in layman terms as to how to create NSS pools and volumes on a linux box?

I have installed it all through OES Install and Config and under the Novell Open Enterprise Server Configuration, all services are showing as disabled. I enable them all, it goes through the entire process...it completes successfully but then still says disabled if I go back into it.

What a headache this has been...NOTHING installs with ease. I've tried to install ZEN...I have an incident open on that...and will soon have an incident open on this if I can't get this fixed.

I am definitely not satisfied at this point.