I'm getting the error in the subject line on the "User Permission Checks"
step in the window titled "Intellisync Mobile Suite Install Environment

Trying to install GWMS 2.02 on a PC with 3.0Ghz P4, XP SP2 and 1GB RAM. New
implementation for 4 Alltel Samsung BlackJacks. GW 7.01 on the backend that
I upgraded from GW 6.0 yesterday.

The username defaults to the local windows user that you are logged in as in
the format "PC name\user name". I've tried dropping the PC name and
creating a new user altogether. Also tried uninstalling the Novell client
(4.91 SP2). Confirmed that XP has the "Secondary Login" service enabled and
started as referred to as the "RunAs" service for Win2K server in the

I've attached a screenshot of the screen and error. Any help greatly
appreciated. Consulting on-site and billing by the hour!!