We have NSM 2.0.2489.24013 installed on a Netware 6.5 SP6 server. The
server was upgraded from Netware 5.1 so it has traditional file system,

The SYS: volume is over 86% FULL and I need to move NSM to a new server.

I found your FAQs and steps on how to move NSM to a new server and it
looks pretty straight forward.

However, I have questions (an integrator installed our NSM):

1) Where do I get the installation files? (is that in same area of

2) Where do I get license information or where do I configure the

3) You guys also created a new nsengine file for us a couple of months
Does this change the procedure to move NSM?

BTW, things seem to be running well after you helped us out in August.