I am having issues getting LUM set up properly and running on OES2 in an
existing tree. I have the same problem on two servers, one upgraded from
SLES10 SP1 and installed into the tree, and the second a fresh install (OES2
& SLES10SP1 together).

For some undetermined reason during the setup the admingroup, www and
novxtier groups did not get added to the unix workstation object in
eDirectory. LUM is working fine on existing OES1 Linux servers in the tree.
I have been working on this for about three days now. I manually added the
admingroup the other day, and today I added the www and novxtier groups.
Now I can at least locate the user objects using the "id" command at the
server console.

Things seem to be better now, but I still cannot access the NetStorage page
(although it is installed and configured). I get a "500" error with "[Thu
Dec 06 15:41:57 2007] [crit] [client] configuration error:
couldn't check user. No user file?: /oneNet/xtier-stats" showing up in the
Apache2 error log.

I suspect I still have some configuration issues relating to LUM. Can
someone give me some clues as to how to troubleshoot this further?



Dennis R. Crowther, CNE