I have a Pool on my Netware 6.5sp5 server that is named DATA and is 673G in
size. 514G of that is in use by seven volumes.

If I use iManager to go to one of these volumes and check the statistics for
the Volume, it shows the Low and High Water Marks to be set to values of 10
and 20 respectively.

I then go to my Netware console and run the following two commands to reset
the water mark values:

nss /PoolLowWaterMark=Data:5
nss /PoolHighWaterMark=Data:10

An hour or so later when I once again check the Statistics for volumes
within the Data pool, it's still listing the Watermarks as 10 and 20.

Now, changing the Watermarks used to work. Not sure how long ago it was that
I was getting it to work. I'm just wondering if there is an issue with sp5
that is preventing me from changing the values of the Low and High Water
Mark values. Am I missing anything?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.