We have GMS running on Windows 2003 as a VM with vmWare Server on a
SLES 10 SP1 host. It is on the same private subnet as the GW 7.0.2
server, which is NetWare 6.5.7. Both are behind BM 3.8.5. We are
syncing to Palm Treo 650s and 680s.

Everything ran fine for months. Now only new e-mail will sync to the
GMS. If you read or delete a message using the GW desktop client, the
Treo and the GMS web client still holds it as an unread message. If
you delete or read a mesage on the Treo, it will sync back to GW. If
you create a new appointment with the GW desktop client, it does not
sync to the Treo. If you create an appointment on the Treo, it will
sync back to GW.

The PO shows SOAP connections with no errors. If you test the
connection with the GMS web interface, it tests fine. In the GMS
Management Console, it shows a Connection Error. The dialog says "An
error occured reading console configuration from
http://ipaddress/en/admin/config.jsp?ak=bigHexString. The system could
not validate the user inforamtion provided."

I have looked through all of the settings, and applied SP2, but I can't
get this straightened out. Any ideas?