We use Dell PowerConnect 6248 switches configured with VLANS. Each
floor in on a separate VLAN. The 6248 only has a place for one (1) dhcp
helper address, we called dell and they confirmed this. switch is made
by broadcom.

We had to change the NW 6.5SP7 server's IP Address and move it to the
same subnet as one of the floors to pxe & zen Image. We can now PXE
boot on that floor alone.

We use novell dhcp on another 6.5 server. Is there anything we can do?
Some setting we could have the DHCP server hand out that would allow us
to image from the rest of the floors without carrying around the boot
cd? For example, could the DHCP server tell the workstations the IP
address of the tftp server?


- jason