My boss throws a birthday party party for his one year old son. The
theme is Nemo. The fish, not the crazed submarine captain. Here, every
little kid party has a party gift for each of the children invited to
the party. Candy, a ball, a small toy etc.

His bright idea was to give each child (I brought two) a thimble sized
aquarium and three gold fish... Duh. I think I will give out trumpets
and drum sets and invite him when his son is three. How annoying.

I told my two if they take the fish they are leaving them at their
mother's house. They took the fish.

Then everyday they come with a new story. They already have an empty
big aquarium there they could use.

Remember, it's 2 kids times three fish.

First day. One of the fish jumps out of the aquarium. Now we are five.
Day two. They think the other fish ate one of the remaining five (are
these piranhas? I can get those cheaply). Four remaining.
Day three: One just dies. Three musketeers.
Day four: Another one bites the dust, or water, or what ever. Two.
Day five: Another one gone. One left.
Day six: As it turns out number six was a pregnant female. Now we are
seven again.
Day seven: Mother eats all children. One again.
Day eight. Mother, realizing what she has done, jumps out of aquarium.

I don't think I am going to next year's party.

brain, no brain