Hello all,

I have been working on our bordermanager server along with some severe DS issue now for going on 34 hours straight and I am a bit goofy and can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Here are some of the facts.

Netware 6.5 sp7, bordermanager 3.8 sp5 with ir1. NAT, filters, are not configured, just routing and proxy. We are using connectotel linkwall. Our internal network is composed of 172.20.x.x networks on many /21 networks. The external NIC on the bordermanager server is

On the same network as our external NIC I have a PIX 515. It is doing Static and Dynamic NAT. It also has a DMZ interface of 192.168.20.x network.

He is my problem, I think. I have the proxy on, and it works fine for port 80 and 443 things. But anything streaming or on any other port doesn't go through the proxy. It is just routed through to the pix.

Unless I open every port for every address on the pix, it doesn't work.

Or, if I configure BM to do Dynamic translation, then EVERYTHING is NATed, and the correct PIX firewall rules do not get applied. I tried to do a static nat from the Internal address of, to be translated to, but you know that this doesn't work. I have about 60 addresses I would have to changed to an external address and then redo all of the PIX rules.

Is there some way that I can router ALL the traffic from the workstations through the proxy port 8080? Is that even a good idea? Is there a way around my issue.

Sorry if this is so goofy but I did try to make it as understandable as possible.