We have two NW65SP6 SBS servers A & B in the same tree.
Server A is running GW7 POA MTA GWIA & WEBACC.
Server B is a backup server, invisible to users, which has copies of all the volumes on server A which are updated every night with any changes.
DBCOPY is used to copy the MAIL volume.
Should server A suffer something disastrous, then server B can be manually installed with the GW7 agents to take over server A's tasks.
This works but is tedious and requires manual intervention by an NW/GW aware bod to configure.
I'm led to believe that a cluster would provide an auto failover service so that if server A fails, all the resources inc GW7 remain active and accessible to users, who would be unaware of any server failure.
Is this the case ?
And, if so, how would I go modifying our current configuration ?