I have been testing iFolder 3.6 from the Beta version and then the
production version. This was to be an upgrade for my current iFolder
backup solution being SLES 9.2/iFolder 3.2. I have founf that iFolder 3.6
gives a maximum local (within the same office) thruput of 4MB/s no matter
what network card settings i use, even though its a gigabit card connected
to a gigabit switch to the PC with the client whic also has a gigabit
card. If i accessed the server thru the web interface, for example,
iManager, then the speed is normal and what would be expected-very fast. I
have tried a completely different hardware platform and a new installation
- same results. Comparing to OES1SP2, there was no such speed issue with
iFolder 3.2. I have tested iFolder 3.6 with both Shared and Encrypted
folders, no difference. Has anybody got this issue? Its taking more than 4
days to synchronize data which normally (on OES1SP2) takes just over 1
day, if it completes at all. Can anyone tell me if there is configuration
option for iFolder 3.6 only that will make it use more or all of the
available bandwith it has access to? I have used both Linux native and NSS
partitions as the store for the iFolder 3.6 data/folders, no difference.

Any help would be appreciated. Only solution for now is to downgrade to
iFolder 3.2, which is unfortunate since the new version has some better