I have Messenger 2.0.0 runnning on Netware 6.5 .I recently needed to view archives and realized I had no one who could do so. I added myself to the ACL and restarted the archive agent. I then got the following message:"LDAP validation failure: No LDAP server address" When I press enter the agent exited. I tried re-booting the server and the messenging agent is now doing the same thing. I applied first SP1 then SP2. It is set to direct access, but I tried changing it to LDAP with the same problems. I made sure the account had the correct password. During service pack installations I got an error stating that the patch's LDAP SDK was older than the one installed. After several failures I let it install the older version. Still no luck. I know that LDAP is working, because we use it for many other things. I've not been able to fing this error anywhere. Any ideas?