Word 2003
Every time I save a Word document to the netware (5.1) networkdrive. Office Word 2003 says:

"Het opslaan is mislukt vanwege onvoldoende geheugen of schijfruimte"

translated into english:

"There is insufficient memory or disk space to save the file".

Changing the .DOC type into .RTF when saving solves the problem.

Excel 2003
Same story; when i save an excel file to the networkdrive Office Excel 2003 says:

"Het document is beschadigd en kan niet worden geopened. Als u het document wilt probleren te herstellen, gebruikt u de opdracht Openen en herstellen in het dialoogvenster Openen (menu Bestand) en selecteert u Gegevens ophalen wanneer daarom wordt gevraagd".

After pressing OK Excel says:

"Het document is wel opgeslagen, maar kan niet opnieuw in Excel worden geopend vanwege een fout bij het delen. Sluit het document en probeer het opnieuw te openen".

Roughly translated:

"The document has been damaged and cannot be opened. If you try to repair , you can use the command Open and repair in the dialogue Open (menu File) and you can choose Retrieve data when you're being asked".

After pressing OK:

"The document has been saved, but can't be opened in Excel because an error during sharing. Close the document and try to re-open".

When changing the Save as type to "MS Excel 4.0 .." or type "CSV-file" solves the problem. These workarounds are not the solution I was hoping for..

It looks like a user rights problem triggered by Office 2003 of some kind.
Any suggestions? Please help.


E. Westra