Here's a good one.

User's account got delted by accident.

We re-created it and user CAN login to eDir and AD just fine with the
Novell Client.

But, when user locks workstation and goes to unlock it via the Novell
Client/eDirectory, it won't work. They can only unlock via AD
credentials (even though they are the same)

4.91 SP4 client with post patches.

The only thing that shows up in the Security Log on the XP workstation

Event Description :

Logon account: jsmith

Source Workstation: JSMITH-XP-2

Error Code: 0xC00000

Followed by:

Event Description :
Logon Failure:

Reason: Unknown user name or bad password

User Name: jsmith

Domain: JSMITH-XP-2

Logon Type: 2

Logon Process: NWGINA

Authentication Package: Negotiate

Workstation Name: JSMITH-XP-2