I'm trying to install NW6.5 sp6 on an HP ML350 G5 using Smartstart 4.91 and
get as far as entering the server name. After clicking OK it shows a screen
saying "Accessing server" and then waits for about 2 minutes. After that it
comes back with a screen titled "Protocols" with the error:

Error in detecting IPX address on BX2_1_E82. Error code is -2001. You can
start the install again and change your card, driver, or continue.

The only option on the screen is OK, so it stays in a permanent loop unless
I turn off the power.

I did have this before on a different server when I was using Smartstart
4.90 with sp7, then tried with 4.90 sp6 and it only worked that time when I
got 4.91. I used sp6 that time. I assumed there was a problem with the 4.90
drivers but it seems I was wrong.

I'm using the default BX2 driver that says it is for the correct card
(NC373i PCI Express).

Anybody come across this before and know of a fix?