Hello all

Has anyone seen this issue before? I think this may be another bug in ZCM but it could just be me missing something.

Basically when I create a bundle that involes an MSI file, I upload the MSI to ZCM, set it up the way I want it and all is fine. I can run the bundle from the application window. I changed the command line for MSIEXEC from /qn to /passive so I could see it running.

If I then add a second action to the bundle and increment the version number and try to re-run it on a client that already had the old bundle then ZCM hangs on the MSI step and never gets past that step. I can see which step it has hung on by manually brining up the progress window, (right click Z in the task bar and click show progress). The only workaround I have found so far it to manually uninstall the MSI before re-running the bundle.

I thought about either having a second bundle or an earlier bundle action to uninstall the MSI before the MSI installation step but this doesn't seem like it should be required. Has anyone seen this before, is this a bug?