Our Master replica is a Netware 6.5 SP7
As member replica we have an OES2 Linux that hold iManager, iFolder3.6 and

Im trying to set up Netstorage for one user. This user have access to
storage on netware server and not on OES2 Linux. NSS is not isntalled on
OES2 Linux.

If user is login on Netstorage all his storage like home-directory and
another folder shows up in web-browser. If he access his home-directory
everything seems ok. He can upload og download files, but if he access
another folder he have rights to, then an error appears;
NetStorage encountered an error while trying to access this location.
Severity: Error
Facility: XFILE
Message: Unsuccessful
Code: 0xC7B90001

The user do have all rights to this folder.

My first tought is that there is some problems to access storage on
Netware-server when NetStorage is installed on OES2 linux, but since he
can access his home-directory that is also on the Netware-server, then

If i login to iManager and access "File Access (NetStorage)" and click on
any links under this role i always get;
Error: System error

The system encountered an unknown error. Please contact Novell Support.

Under Details...
java.null.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name
com.novell.emframe.resource.NetStorageResources, local non at

I will past the whole message in next post