We are running a Netware 6.5.5 environment.
We are using Bordermanager 3.8 to handle all the Proxy services to control
our end-users web access.
It works pretty well.

However, one particular user seems to have issues.
Almost every morning, he gets the "Border Manager Login Screen" when he
opens IE.

WHat he does is:
Log into his computer.
(in the login script is the clntrust.exe, so he gets his key-icon-thingy
in the system tray).
His desktop comes up, everything looks good.
Opening "MY Computer" shows all the Drive Mappings. (so no problem here).
But when he opens IE, instead of it opening to '', he gets the
"Border Manager Login Screen."

What he is supposed to see is the page. (or whatever his
homepage is)
But for some reason he always gets the BM login screen.(?)

However, if he enters in his credentials, then he does get out to the web.
But it shouldnt be like this. For just about everyone (700+ employees) no

Does anyone have any ideas on what his causing this problem?
Is there somewhere i can look for clues?

I tried removing him from our proxy group, and then readding him. And then
restarting BRDSRV....

But no change in the outcome :(

ANy insight would gretaly be appreciated!
Thank you >^^<