I've got four Netware 6.5 SP6 servers running eDirectory 8.8.2. They can
communicate with each other just fine. I recently installed OES 2 Linux on
a new server and added it to the tree. I configured it to get time from my
existing Netware NTP server and configured it to point to the Netware SLPDA.
When I look at SLP in ConsoleOne I do see entries for this OES2 server. I
added this new OES2 server's LDAP server into the existing LDAP server group
which has all the Netware servers. However, when I login to iManager on
either the Netware server (running version 2.6) or the OES2 server (running
version 2.7) and got to Storage > Pools > select the OES2 server I get the
following error:

Error: This user does not have the correct credentials to authenticate to
the CIMOM client.

I have followed the steps in Novell TID #10099304 to force NMAS first on the
new OES2 server but have not done so yet on the existing Netware 6.5
servers. I can bring up the configuration on the Netware servers pools in
iManager so it's a problem with the OES2 server, either something not yet
configured or configured incorrectly.

I found two Novell TIDs on this error. TID #3536588 points to a mismatch
between the administrator's cn and uid. I have confirmed they are the same,
plus as I said before I can look at the Netware servers. TID #3937454 talks
about server SSL certificates being expired. I checked both the OES2 server
and the Netware server's SSL certificates and they have not expired and are
still valid.

What else should I try to fix this?