In my Linux OES with netware add ons installation, I have come across and error when performing the installation of edirectory. When in the Perfrom edirectory configuration screen and error comes up in when in the process of configure and start edirectory using 'ndsconfig' , the error message that pops up is: ndsconfig failed to configure and start edirectory. the details are:

command: /opt/novell/edirectory/bin/ndsconfig add -t 'TERRA' -n 'o=heart' -a 'admin.heart' -p -d /var/opt/npvell/edirectory/data/dib -D /var/opt/novell/edirectory -B , -L 389 -l 636 -o 8028 --config-file /etc/opt/novell/edirectoryconf/nds.conf return

configuring the ndap interface... ERROR:bind to port "524" on "" interface(s) failed - cannot assign requested address

Not sure what may be wrong I have tried to change a few things and still have no success.