The Director of our organization is interested in GMS for himself and a
few senior staff. I want to give him a fair discussion about using GMS
versus the PDA Connect so I would really appreciate learning about peoples
experiences and maybe answer some questions about GMS.

The primary use the users here are looking to use GMS for is syncing
calendars. These are very heavy calendar users, where maybe 95% of the
users work week has some kind of appointment scheduled. How well would GMS
handle that "load" and what is the likelihood of the calendar's getting
messed up through syncing problems or duplication?

What support experiences are to be expected if the IT staff do not have
access to GMS supported mobile devices except through the users devices?

Forums are designed to support problems so it is skewed view of a product
but given the problems listed commonly, how likely are they going to show
up and could they have a broader effect than just to the GMS users?

Is there a place to go to get recommendations on devices and plans based
on a users GroupWise mailbox traffic?

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Roger Palmer
Chapin Hall Center for Children
at the University of Chicago.