I can only access remote manage on the local server. Accessing it
locally in x through, which used to be the NIC
for our crossover heartbeat before we went to a 3 node cluster.

If I try to connect to https://servername.FQDN:8009 from another
workstation I get Unable to connect, while if I try to enter
http://servername.FQDN:8008 I get directed to
I understand that it must be forcing SSL but obviously a private ip
address isn't gonna do me any good.

I am also receiving this error message on one of my cluster nodes in the
apache 2.059 screen:

LDAP initialization failed.
Configured LDAP was found ready to use.
*MASTER[servername.domain.com][-1] ldap_simple_bind :Can't contact LDAP
ldap *Master[servername.domain.com] down
ldap initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart apache.

I've run PKIdiag and fixed one error from Step 6:

The server's default DNS name is:
The KMO SSL certificateDNS's DNS name is: servername
Problem: The DNS name in KMO SSL CertificateDNS does not match the
default DNS name for the server.

I've restarted the cluster node and since then reran PKIdiag with no
errors. I have read about totally removing and recreating all server
specific KMO's:
DNS AG servername, IP AG serverIP, Old1 SSL CertificateDNS -servername,
Old1 SSL CertificateIP - ServerIP, Old2 SSL CertificateDNS - servername,
SSL CertificateDNS - servername, SSL CertificateIP - servername.

But I have concerns about what that might break. Would there be any
concerns as to how this might break or abend our production clustered
environment? What would be the stepped sequence to proceeding with
that? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.