Ok I'm opening a thread here because I tend to go into these rants
during threads involving C1 in the actual tech forums, and I don't want
to keep polluting threads in there.

At the same point this needs to be said.

Novell, C1 is an active product. It's not end of life. Stop treating
it as such. You have products in the development queue (Groupwise
Bonsai) that will rely on C1. Let me repeat that. You have a product
not even available for purchase, that relies on an "end of life"
management tool.

I'm tired of hearing fixes aren't being done for it. I'm tired of
hearing it's no longer in development. I'm tired of seeing stupid
issues that persist for years... and things like the latest EDIR sorting
in order of creation instead of by name because things were changed on
the back end without consideration to the front end. Solution? Add a
sort option to C1. Chance of it happening? Probably Zero.

Until such time as you STOP developing products where C1 is the ONLY
means of administering them.. (Zen 7, Groupwise 7, Groupwise Bonsai to
name a few), then you need to keep some developers at the wheel of C1
and make sure that these things are handled.

C1 was declared "dead" so to speak how far back? Groupwise 6.5 used
C1.. A lot of us expected 7 to be in iManager. I know far more expected
(although we secretly knew better) that Bonsai should not have been in
C1, but iManager. But it's not.. For whatever reason it's not. And I
have few reasons to believe you will even manage to get the version of
groupwise after that out of C1. Fine, so be it. I have no problem with
it being in C1. I prefer doing just about anything in C1 vs iManager.

So stop kidding yourselves about C1. It's here to stay for quite a
while. SUPPORT the darned thing the way it needs to be supported. This
isn't some little side utility that is optional. This is CRITICAL CORE
component for managing your products and you treat it like it doesn't

Sure iManager is the future.. (Well it was, is it still or do we get yet
another product to deal with?) But look new products have yet another
management interface. Seriously get with it.

To all of you going to Brainshare that use C1 on a daily basis if not
hourly for things like zen remoting and other stuff, find someone at BS
who is in the know on this and make your displeasure known with them.

I know the sysop's have probably gotten tired of hearing me complaining
about it, and I get that. I'm sure a few of them agree with what I'm
saying. There's nothing they can do about it. It's not their fault nor
can they fix it. But a lot of us are going to Brainshare, lets find
someone we can metaphorically pound some sense into.

I know.. submit an enhancement request. I seriously doubt enhancement
requests to develop C1 will be taken seriously.

Here's a thought. Make a consoleone 1.4 based on Java 6 and only
support the current product plugins. Don't bother back porting Zen 4
etc.. They can stick with 1.3.6. I'll file that under not going to
happen as well... which is a shame, I bet it would scream.