NW 6.5sp5.
I've got a HP Proliant DL360G4. I've activated the second network card,
and bound an address range to it (a different subnet than the primary,
it's connected to an isolated switch as I play with stuff running
backups via that switch vs my primary). But I can't ping anything else
in that subnet, nor can anything ping it. The other windows 2003 box I
have on that subnet can ping the switch, but not the netware box. The
netware box can't ping the win2003 box or the switch.

I'm doing this via load strings in autoexec.ncf and not inetcfg because
I want a bit more control over the load parameters.

Currently right now it's

LOAD B57 NAME=B57_1_E11_EII FRAME=Ethernet_II SLOT=10018 Speed=AUTO
RxBuffers=200 Poll=0
BIND IP B57_1_E11_EII ARP=Yes Mask= Address=
LOAD B57 NAME=B57_BACK FRAME=Ethernet_II SLOT=10019 Speed=AUTO
JUMBO=9000 RxBuffers=200 Poll=0
BIND IP B57_BACK ARP=Yes Mask= Address=

(The poll and rxbuffers were what was in inetconfig already when I
viewed the config).

It's the 10.x network that's not working on adapter 2.