This problem has come up since upgrading to iManager 2.7. I get the error

"The printer is not currently available. Error Group: iPrint Server. Error
Code: 1282"

If I install the printer to my workstation first and then create the
printer driver profile the error does not occur. Oddly if I then remove
the printer AND remove the driver it does not negatively affect the create
printer driver profile - it works just fine. But if the driver has never
been installed then blammo! Hmmm maybe it is a client side issue? Yet I
haven't changed my client and others here are also experiencing the same
error. Only recent change was upgrading to NetWare 6.5 sp7 from 6.5 sp5.

Other troubleshooting steps taken:
1. Remove the iPrint plugins from iManager. Re-install plugin from
downloaded file - and just the iprint plugin for NetWare, not the iPrint
plugin for Linux.

2. Re-Enable SRS on the Broker. We've had it off for years with no issue.

Some info for the troubleshooting experts:
1. NetWare 6.5 sp7 on both the iManager v2.7 server and the iPrint server.
2. The iPrint server loads the broker and the ndps manager and runs only
tomcat4 services. Tomcat 5 is not running on this server.
3. The iManager server only loads tomcat 5. It also runs some ZENWorks 7
services: workstation import/removal, inventory server, imaging server.
4. Workstation is running Windows XP sp2, Novell Client for Windows
v4.91sp4, Internet Explorer 6.x.

Anyone else getting this issue? Any clues for the clueless?