Hi All,

I have used the ZAM Migration tool to migrate the inventory data from ZAM 7.5 to ZCM (both SQL databses). All the records went across to the new system successfully and I can see them in the new ZCM system. In Discovered Devices I can see the workstations which have been moved across so I selected one of these workstations and deployed the agent to it. Deployment completed successfully, the workstation rebooted and it then registered successfully onto ZCM. However, when I go to the Reporting option and look at the report that has duplicate machine names, I can see that the machine I installed the ZCM agent on has two entries, one is the record from ZAM and one is the record from the new ZCM registration. Shouldn't these two records should reconsolidate!

In Inventory Only Reconciliation in Configuration- I have set this to Machine Name. Does ENABLE DIFFERENTIATION need to be ticked??

Any help would be welcome.

Thanks in advance