As the KB doesn't present a single hit when searching for
"time source not in sync, discarding the packet" this might be of some help for
somebody else....

I just had the trouble with this message on a secondary time server NW6.5.6 that
is configured to sync against a SINGLE timeserver NW6.5.6. This SINGLE Server
*IS* in sync, and other servers were syncing time very well with this server.

The timesync debug screen presented:
"time source not in sync, discarding the packet"

when changing the "timesync time sources" on the SECONDARY server to point to the
same SINGLE server using IP:123 it worked fine.

switching back to "<servername>;" it failed again.

Going on the SECONDARY one to DSREPAIR, Advanced ..., servers known ..., <the
single server>, enter, repair selected server's network addresses, the timesync
is fine again.

Regards, Rudi.

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