I am using ZCM on OES 2 Linux.

I have found that if I give an administrator account "M CD MGM MS AP AB"
"Device Rights" to a device folder under the "Workstations" folder that
that administrator cannot, for example, delete a device in a different
folder - i.e. things are working as you'd expect.

However using the ZAC command with the -u and -p options set to the same
user credentials I _am_ able to register and consequently create a device
object in a container I don't have rights to.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour? Looks like a defect to me? I'd
like to give remote administrators as little opportunity to create their
devices in the wrong folder as possible because I guarantee if they are
allowed to create them in the wrong place they _will_ do.

The account I'm using is from the local ZEN source not an LDAP account.