Currently our Windows XP Profession workstations are logging into a
NetWare 6 server. The workstations have the Novell client and ZENworks
agent installed. ZENworks 4 is running on the NetWare 6 server.

All user data will be moved to Microsoft servers. Furthermore, we would
like users to start authenticating to Active Directory. The NetWare
server will be eliminated.

We would like to continue using ZENworks for application deployment. At
this point we would upgrade to ZENworks 7. However, I have the following

1. Can ZENworks 7 be installed on a Microsoft Server?

2. Is eDirectory required?

3. With users authenticating to a Windows Server and getting policies via
Active Directory, will I still be able to create application objects and
distribute the applications to user?

I’ll probably have more questions, this is just the beginning.
Thanks to all for your help.