I get a lot of errors from many of our wks. We have ZCM 10.0.1 fresh
install, the only policy is remote policy, bundles are working, remote
is working, inventory is working... Well patch management is not working :)
DNS is properly configured (I guess).

Anyone got a clue?

Error: [12/3/07 2:20:49 AM] PolicyManager
PolicyManager.ERROR_NO_DEFINITIONS Unable to obtain the policy
definitions from the policy service.

Error: [11/27/07 10:41:57 PM] Registration Module
Registration.GeneralRefreshError An error ocurred during a general
refresh in module: Policy Manager Module. Error Message:

Error: [12/8/07 11:43:08 PM] Settings Module
SettingsModule.SettingsRefreshError Unable to refresh the system
settings from https://<zcmserver_ip>/zenworks-setting-lookup/ service.