I'm not sure if I put this in the right place, but I'll try it.

NW6.5SP6, BAB AS 11.1 SP3 and Agent 11.1 SP3

SYS Volume on Server_1 is defective. There is a need to recover the SYS
Volume as it was before.
This includes the Date AND the _Netware/eDir Directory ! The goal must be to
bring back the Server
with the same ObjectIDs. This is important !

My Resources:
Backup Data & eDir with BAB AS 11.1 SP3

I'm not sure about:
In addition to the AS Backup should I use embox to backup eDir ? And if so,
how do I create the backup ( with embox ) and get it back to come up again
with the same ObjectIDs ?

A bare metall restore is possible ( Stormgrg by Portlock ) but I dont have
daily Images of the SYS Volume.

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