I am very new to this whole thing. I just installed SUse linux
enterprise server 10.1 using OES2 CDs. Then I found something strange as

1. There are some folders showing empty but I know there are some files
there. What happened? Something that I have not turned on? Please advise!

2. When I went to YaST, I click some of them and nothing happened. Is
there anyway that I can verify the thing I click is running like task
manager? For example, I clicked partitioner and LVM and nothing showed
up. But they did show up before after I click them. What is going on?

3. I tried to find the volumes or mounted volumes. I looked at \dev
folder and I did not see sdx or evms or mdx folder there. I did create
one volume using partitioer into \home. But I still did not see sdx or
evms folder anywhere. Please advise!

Thank you very much in advance!