When I try do file migrations from a Netware 6.5 server to a OES2 server I
get the following error.

"Cannot check the SMS RPM version on server ''. Your user ID
must be LUM enabled with SSH access to this server for this utility to
check the SMS RPM version. Otherwise, you will need to check the SMS RPM
version yourself.

The installed SMS RPM must be version 1.1.4-6 or newer. For your
convenience, the required SMS RPM has already been copied to this server.

You can update the installed SMS RPM with the command:
rpm -Uvh /user/novell/sys/scu/novell-sms-i586.rpm
You will then need to restart SMS with the command:
rcnovell-smdrd restart

Error Details:
Cannot open file '\"

I have LUM abled my user account by doing the following:

1. In iManager, On the left-hand side, choose Linux User Management.
2. Choose Enable Users for Linux.
3. Browse to an an eDirectory User and click next
4. Select a LUM enabled group and click next. If one does not exist create
5. Browse for a Unix workstation object and click next.
6. Click Finish.

The /user/novell/sys/scu/novell-sms-i586.rpm file was in fact older than
what was on the server.

I noticed that the file '\' does
not exist, in fact there is no smsinstalledversion.txt anywhere on the
server at.

What am I doing wrong here?

Phil J.