When installing Client 4.91 SP4 on a new Windows 2000 PC I get the
following error when trying to login.

A Required Network Service has not started. Please Check your error log
for details

On a 11-16-07 post Hasmish said that he had a script to fix the problem.
I would like the script or the instructions on how to manually edit the

Here is the excerpt from his post...

this has been seen before, and caused by an entry being removed from the

HKLM\system\CurrentControlSet\Control\ServiceGroup Order\List

Its a multi valued string, and between the entries for NDIS and TDI
should be one "NetWare Services" - if its not there it can cause the
srvloc.sys to fail to load.

I have a vbscript that can fix the reg entry - let me know if you want it.


Thank You in advance.....