Been having constant trouble with Surfcontrol since upgrading to BM3.9
and SC6.1. As reported earlier, Surfcontrol seems to die - has a
half-life of about 6 days, usually, then I have to tweak it around to
make it work.

This morning, I have rebooted the machine and it comes up and right out
of the start gate, it's not working.

Everything APPEARS to load, no errors, all looks good. BM rules fire.
I've even added a rule at #1 for SC: Deny Sport for myself. The rules
save, no errors reported. But, here I am, having fun with! Sigh.

I've deleted and recreated the SC rules. I've tweaked and saved. I've
rebooted. I've DSREPAIRed. But it looks like SC6.1 and BM3.9 don't work
together at all - certainly, I've never been able to get it working
stably and I am now very sorry we upgraded.

Perhaps I could revert to 3.8 and earlier SC, but then I'd have memory
and support issues. But at least that worked reliably. And as an added
bonus, I could manage them with NWADMIN in a tenth of the time it takes
to work with IMgr which itself doesn't work half the time...

Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated here.